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Flat Spiral Belt

for Smaller Products Transport
Flat spiral belt is a tight version of balanced weave belting. It is constructed by alternating left- hand and right- hand spiral coils interconnecting by straight cross rods. Alternating mesh configuration efficiently reduce tracking problems and downtime. And small apertures provide flat carrying surface for small products or products which are easy to get broken. Commonly, the spiral coil wire is round. However, flattened coil wire is available for handling smaller products. Please told us the cross section dimensions before ordering. Whether round or flat spiral wire belting, their edge finish will be laddered, welded or hooked. Positive driven chain edge is also available on request.

  •  Item: Flat spiral belt.
  •  Coil wire dia.: 1 - 2 mm.
  •  Cross rod dia.: 1.5 - 3.0 mm.
  •  Pitch of cross rods: 12 - 25 mm.
  •  Material: stainless steel T- 304.
  •  Alternating left- hand and right- hand spiral coils preventing track problem.
  •  Flat conveying surface.
  •  Small apertures for small products.
  •  Available with welded, laddered, hook edge and chain edge.
  •  Long lasting durability.
  •  Easy installation.
  •  Popularly used in baking and drainage applications.
  •  Baking.
  •  Heating.
  •  Forming.
  •  Drying.
  •  Cooking.
  •  Washing.
  •  Annealing.
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