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Rod Reinforced Chain Link Belt

Economical & Durable
Rod reinforced chain link belt are more stronger than conventional chain link belt as a result of the cross rods through the interconnecting spiral wires. Not only does the rods add strength to the belt, but also make the belt stable during conveying.

Apart from the standard rod reinforced chain link belt, there is also duplex rod reinforced chain link belt, which has double interwoven spiral wires. This duplex version chain belt has smaller open area and more strength.Compared with universal chain link belt, rod reinforced chain link belt has wider applications because of its relatively heavy load ability, open area and economical cost. Rod reinforced chain belt are available in different edge styles including welded, knuckled and chained. Other special edge finish is available on request.

  •  More strength and lateral stability than standard chain link belt.
  •  Friction- drive or chain- drive.
  •  Duplex rod reinforced chain link belt reducing open area.
  •  Knuckled, chain or welded edge.
  •  Economical alternative.
  •  Cooling.
  •  Industrial curtains.
  •  Industrial furnaces.
  •  Drainage.
  •  Drying.
  •  Elevating.
  •  Life guards.
Item No. Coil Wire Diameter Cross Wire Diameter Lateral Coil Pitch Longitudinal Cross Wire Pitch
mm mm mm mm
SRC 01 2.03 2.64 16.93 or 15.24 16.93 or 19.05
SRC 02 2.64 2.95
SRC 03 2.95 3.25
SRC 04 3.25 4.06
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